Thursday, 23 October 2014

Abandoned factories and residential blocks near Fuyuan Road bridge

While cycling to look at some bridges of interest, I spotted deserted buildings next to a building site close to the Xiang River.

Inside their enclosure I discovered several empty blocks of flats plus a couple of factory units. No idea what it would have produced - some tiled chambers suggest maybe a liquid.

Heard some voices coming from a room on one residential floor, so didn't stay too long there, then later after I left the second factory an old man strolling seemed surprised to see me and muttered something - would've liked to chat and been able to ask questions.

Residential area

Factory 1

Breeze blocks had been put in to block the area behind which could have been of interest.

Overlooking the adjacent building site - a likely reason for the dereliction of the area

Factory 2

Overall, not the best exploratory, but it's a start - thanks for reading. 

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